- Dec 4, 2018
Fruity beverages carry many benefits and this list of healthy juice options sets apart a few examples in the market.

Biotta's vegetable juices, for instance, are certified organic and GMO-free. While the Golden Beet Blend is said to stabilize blood sugar, improve brain function and offer heart health support, the Heirloom Purple Carrot mix guarantees a boost of eye function and immune system through liver detoxification and cleansing.

For consumers who want a quicker and more concentrated consistency, there are juice options like Ethan's Healthy Shots. These two-ounce bottles boast Turmeric Ginger, Orange Cacao, Coffee and Matcha as flavors. The shots feature MCTs (medium chain triglycerides). Combined with the taste, Ethan's offerings bring a nutritional kick to the system with an energizing effect.

From Functional Prenatal Smoothies to MCT Oil Shots: