'The Best Stuff' by Juice Shots Boosts One's Mood and Energy Levels

 - Jun 21, 2018
References: juiceshots & prnewswire
As an alternative to making a solid supplement, Juice Shots launched 'The Best Stuff' as a fast-absorbing liquid to boost one's mood and energy.

The Best Stuff is a blend of potent natural ingredients like maca, rhodiola rosea, echinacea, elderberry, guarana and L-Carnitine, which help the body adapt to mental and physical stress. Additionally, the healthy shot also helps to restore balance to the body and support immune system functions.

The product is touted as a "pocket-sized energy and wellness drink" and it introduces that antithesis of distress that is known as "eustress," or a positive form of stress. As a result of taking The Best Stuff, consumers are said to feel more energized, focused and capable of tackling their daily tasks.