From CBD-Infused Detox Drinks to Calorie-Free Aloe Shots

 - Dec 14, 2018
These healthy beverage shooters range from CBD-infused detox drinks to calorie-free aloe shots. Beyond ensuring they're staying hydrated with enough daily water intake, consumers are investing in cold-pressed juices, natural energy drinks and other drinkable elixirs that are vitamin-packed and proven to boost one's immune system. Additionally, consumers are looking for easier and more convenient ways to consume these health beverages with single-serve packaging formats that are ideal for on-the-go enjoyment.

Some standouts include Detoxwater's 'Veralixir,' a highly concentrated aloe shot that is said to aid with proper digestion and nutrient absorption while helping boost skin's elasticity over time. FORTO Coffee Shots are another notable example that challenges sugar-filled energy drink options with a naturally derived, dairy-free and naturally sweetened alternative.

Seedshotz's seed beverage shooters round off this list and make nutrients easily accessible to those on the go with 14 vitamins and minerals found in each serving.