FORTO Coffee Shots Offer Up Energy in a Natural Concentrated Coffee Form

 - May 29, 2018
References: fortocoffee
Artificial energy shots have risen in popularity over the past few years but FORTO coffee shots are aiming to change the market with a focus on natural ingredients and flavor-forward options. Derived from the Italian word for "strong," this energy shot is made using actual coffee beans, which are brewed longer than regular coffee. This longer brewing time results in a smooth Colombian cold brew that is not only flavorful but also incredibly high in energy.

FORTO coffee shots currently come in six different varieties, which range from being dairy-free and in two varying strengths of caffeine. Each of the coffee shots are equal to approximately one to two cups of coffee and can include either 100mg of caffeine or 200mg. The flavors currently available in the FORTO coffee shots line include Hershey's Chocolate Latte, Vanilla Latte, Pure Black, Chocolate Latte, Vanilla Latte in 200mg and Sweetened Black.