From Spoiled Milk Fragrances to Cannabis-Flavored Ice Creams

 - Oct 3, 2018
Dairy-free products may be more widely available but dairy-based products are still managing to evolve the food industry. Whether incorporated into beverages or worked into ice cream, dairy-based products continue to be delicious and an excellent source of quality fats and high amounts of protein.

Featured on this list are a collection of unique ice cream desserts that resemble adorable dogs. Crafted at Taiwan's Art Kitchen, these dessert dogs are crafted entirely from gelato and are given their distinct designs through a combination of molds and hand sculpting. These gelato dogs are available in an earl grey Labrador, a chocolate Pug, and a peanut Shar Pei.

Also included on this list is an anti-inflammatory ghee that utilizes turmeric. Ghee, for the uninitiated, is a form of Indian clarified butter used in cooking. This offering from Fourth & Heart takes a health-focused spin on the traditional butter by including turmeric and being made from milk from grass-fed, pasture-raised cows in New Zealand.