'Anthill' is a Soft Goat Milk Cheese Sprinkled with Green Ants

Soft goat milk cheese is often paired with herbs or honey, but South Australia’s Woodside Cheese Wrights and Kris Lloyd Artisan created Anthill, a chèvre that is topped with green ants. As Kris Lloyd describes, the taste of the weaver ants is one that reminds of a combination of kaffir lime and lemongrass that provides a "little citrus pop, almost like having a sherbet."

While Anthill has previously only been available in Australia, the product is now being imported to the United States. As the goat cheese must make quite the journey overseas, the company is using new technology to extend the product's shelf life.

At the same time North American consumers are becoming familiar with the idea of edible insects as a sustainable source of protein, they are also turning to goat cheese as a higher protein, lower cholesterol and easier-to-digest alternative to cheese made from cow's milk.