- May 27, 2018
From ice pops that taste like sour candy to gummy bears that taste like beer, the June 2018 food trends reveal a host of new products for the warm summer months ahead.

As expected, the June 2018 food trends reveal as strong emphasis on warm weather treats such as ice cream and popsicles. One of the most exciting debuts in this category is the new Sour Patch Kids Ice Pops, which combine a unique blend of sweet and sour flavours. In the same vein, sour candy lovers can also enjoy the new Red, White, and Blue Sour Patch Kids Ice Cream.

Beyond traditional frozen treats, consumers can also celebrate the start of the summer with treats inspired by their favourite summer drinks. For instance, Corona Light recently teamed up with the luxury candy company Sugarfina to create booze-inspired gummy candies.

From Candy-Inspired Frozen Treats to Boozy Beer Gummy Bears: