The Tarantula Burger is Part of This Restaurant's Exotic Meat Month Promo

With consumers becoming more and more adventurous when it comes to food, one North Carolina restaurant has upped the ante with a eight-legged creation called the 'Tarantula Burger.' Created as part of the restaurant's Exotic Meat Month promotion, the new burger is definitely not arachnophobe-friendly.

The Tarantula Burger is a jaw-dropping new burger created by North Carolina's Bull City Burger and Brewery. Just as the name suggests, the burger features a beef patty topped with a slice of Gruyere cheese, spicy sauce, and a entire oven-roasted zebra tarantula. The restaurant only has 18 tarantulas to serve, so a lottery has been set up to give consumers a chance to try the eight-legged dish. Those who can finish the entire thing will receive a special T-shirt that proves they survived the 'Tarantula Challenge.'

Image Credits: Bull City Burger and Brewery.