Taco Bell is Trialing a French Toast Chalupa

 - Apr 12, 2018
References: tacobell & chewboom
Taco Bell is known for its creative flavor pairings and its newly launched French Toast Chalupa, may be one of the most daring on the menu.

This unique concoction offers the best-of-both-worlds as its perfect for those who love sweet-savory combinations. The offering consists of a cinnamon-infused french toast shell that's been folded and stuffed with the fast food brand's popular breakfast of scrambled eggs, sausage and bacon. What's more, is that the French Toast Chalupa can be served with a side of syrup, offering a truly indulgent breakfast that's perfect for satisfying any craving.

While still in its testing period, this sweet snack is available throughout select locations in Dayton, Ohio.

Image credit: Taco Bell