- Jan 26, 2019
Modern commercials often feature qualities shared with films and this list of 2018 commercial trends showcases some of the most innovative and informative commercials from unlikely brands.

Most consumers wouldn't naturally associate Burger King with socio-political issues but in 2018 the fast-food chain decided to take on the absurdity of the Pink Tax. In the ad, female customers are asked to pay extra for receiving their chicken fries in a meaningless pink box. The ad works to showcase the ridiculousness of this policy, then asks viewers to support The Pink Tax Repeal Act to ensure equality across all genders.

Also included in this list is an incredibly emotional series of ads for the iPhone X. Developed by Apple's Australian market, the ad series celebrates the country's recently changed marriage laws and highlights the weddings of several LGBTQ couples.

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From Emotional Phone Commercials to Cinematic Wine Ads: