Burger King is Promoting Its New Sandwich in a Dark and Hilarious New Ad

 - Jan 19, 2018
References: dailymail & grubstreet
Knock off ads seem pretty par for the course for Burger King, but its newest spot for its 'Double Quarter Pound King' is a hilarious funeral-themed ad. The ad was designed to showcase the new burger and takes a nice jab at the McDonald's burger that it bears an uncanny resemblance to. The resemblance goes beyond appearance, as the Double Quarter Pound King bears identical ingredients, with the exception of having flame-grilled patties.

While the ad is hilariously dark, it does carry a sense of subtly with it. It does not directly target the McDonald's Quarter Pounder, just the way in which the patty is cooked. This ad focusing on the cooking process is nothing new to fast food advertisements, but the funeral-themed ad by Burger King does seem to accomplish the same message in a hilarious and subtle way. This ad, and product in general, seems to be a sort of "trolling" of Burger King's competitor, and takes influence from the parody and dark humor that so many modern consumers love.