Burger King's Chick Tax Confronts Prejudice with This Humorous Ad

 - Aug 7, 2018
References: burgerking & adweek
The Pink Tax is a term that explains the social phenomenon that's responsible for 42% of women's products being more expensive than men's products and Burger King's Chick Tax confronts this prejudice in a new ad spot.

The fast food chain becomes an unlikely feminist voice during this one-minute commercial, which cleverly explains the absurdity of paying higher prices for the same product. In the ad, hungry female customers are asked to pay extra for receiving their chicken fries in a pink box. The women express their frustrations, requesting the same box that their male counterparts received and refuse to pay more.

The ad closes as the brand encourages its viewers to support The Pink Tax Repeal Act, as the fast food chain believes that "everything should be equal."