Stella Artois' 'Taps' Super Bowl Ad Aims to Improve Clean Water Access

 - Jan 20, 2018
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This year, Stella Artois is making its first return as a Super Bowl advertiser since 2011 with the 'Taps' Super Bowl ad.

Taps shares an important message about clean water access and it will remind millions of viewers who tune into the sporting event how lucky they are to have safe drinking water readily available from them from faucets. With the help of co-founder Matt Damon, the Stella Artois ad raises awareness about the global water crisis in a simple, meaningful way.

Those who want to take action to make water accessible to people in the developing world who have to walk for hours on end each day to collect water, may purchase the Stella Artois Limited-Edition Chalice. As Damon describes: "If just one percent of viewers watching the Super Bowl this year purchased a Chalice, we could help provide access to clean water for up to one million people in need" for five years.