- Feb 24, 2018
Between health-focused vodkas and seasonal drink creations, these February 2018 drink trends demonstrate the new and exciting additions to beverage industries' offerings.

Brands are shifting to cater to a more health conscious consumer by offering low-calorie alternatives to traditional menu items. Some of the healthier standouts include Coca-Cola's diet re-brand, which is enticing consumers with new, sleek and colorful cans. Meanwhile, Vita Spirits have introduced a no-sugar, gluten-free vodka that's meant to be mixed with water.

As for non-alcoholic beverages, brands like Starbucks are offering a variety of unique seasonal concoctions, including its pastel pink tea latte and its smokey butterscotch latte. Other bizarre offerings mentioned in this list include KFC's indulgent gravy-based cocktails, and Happy Lemon's cheese tea menu addition.

From Health-Focused Vodka to Gravy-Based Cocktails: