The Ghost of Cape Aperitif is a Low-ABV Drink at a Texas Music Venue

 - Jan 8, 2018
References: liquor
The Ghost of Cape Aperitif is an enticing low-alcohol cocktail available at Jazz, TX, a live music venue in San Antonio, Texas. The dramatically named beverage was created by bar manager Derik Cortez at the venue known for its mix of jazz, Americana, blues, big band, Texas swing, and salsa music.

The Ghost of Cape Aperitif is an exciting low-alcohol cocktail option comprised of Capertif (a sweet wine), cava and Peychaud’s bitters. In addition to an orange peel for garnish, the Ghost of Cape Aperitif is topped with an herbal foam made of steeped butterfly pea tea, Earl Grey tea and juniper berries with thyme.

Low-alcohol cocktails are reappearing on restaurant and bar menus as consumers search for new ways to indulge that offer a healthier balance and allow them to drink for a longer period of time in order to truly savor the experience.