'Renault Avec' Amplifies the Pairing of Coffee and Cognac

 - Jan 30, 2018
References: thespiritsbusiness
Cognac brand Renault is launching an innovation that is set to strengthen the pairing of coffee and cognac, all the while introducing something that it says has "never been seen in the industry before."

Renault Avec is an expression that has been specifically developed to be paired with coffee, as it offers rich notes of roasted mocha and vanilla. The unique taste of the product is said to have been achieved by plunging barrels into tanks of hot water before being brasero toasted. This process is repeated three times, which the cognac brand says is a first in the industry.

The refreshing approach to cognac is carried through to the design of the bottle, which does not include an age designation; this minimalist labeling is said to reduce some of the confusion that sometimes befuddles both consumers and professionals alike.