- Mar 25, 2018
While each unique beverage innovation differs from the other, these March 2018 drink trends emphasize the creative ways in which companies are encouraging individuals to consume its products.

Some beverage companies have undergone unique marketing efforts to encourage consumption, like Grey Goose's french-themed vodka pop-up or the announcement that the Aviation Gin Distillery was purchased by actor Ryan Reynolds. Meanwhile, other companies are letting the beverage's unique flavor profiles speak for itself, like La Marzocco Cafe's juice-infused espresso shot and Woodstar's fruit-based alcoholic drinks.

Innovations are occurring outside of the drink itself as some companies are introducing unique ways of carrying or dispensing a beverage. For example, 'Pinkster on Tap' packages its spirits in ready-to-pour packages, while another company introduced the 'Eco Six-Pack Ring,' which is made from barley and wheat.

From Eco Beer Packaging to Robot Cocktail Makers: