The Award-Winning Ink Gin is a Colorfully Organic Small Batch Spirit

 - Feb 16, 2018
References: inkgin
When developing his flower-based Australian gin, distiller Paul Messenger experimented with the curious color-altering properties of the Butterfly Pea -- an exotic flowering legume from Thailand. During his research, the spirit innovator tested out a range of organic and natural ingredients before settling down on a recipe that consists of 12 botanic supplements in perfect harmony with the Butterfly Pea.

While traditional gin beverages are known to be transparent, the Ink Gin boasts a dark blue liquid, because of the exotic flower. The Australian gin does not owe its color to any chemicals or preservatives.The one-of-a-kind status of this unique beverage is further solidified by its color-changing properties as when mixed in a "Ink & Tonic," the cocktail turns from deep blue to blush pink.

Photo Credits: Ink Gin