- Mar 25, 2018
The top March 2018 branding ideas see a number of companies offering a range of better-for-you products, as well as launching campaigns that push for positive societal change.

Millennial pink beverages, better-for-you ice cream and sparkling beverages are some of the must-have food and beverage products of the moment, making these categories highly competitive. LaCroix is a leader in the sparkling water market, but PepsiCo recently launched 'Bubly' as a refreshing alternative. Similarly, many brands are hoping to see the same success as Halo Top by launching their own iterations of low-calorie, high-protein frozen desserts.

Brands like CoverGirl, Lush Cosmetics and Absolut Vodka recently launched conversation-sparking campaigns to push for greater inclusivity, diversity and transparency within advertising. In an effort to celebrate love in and support the LGBTQ community, Suitsupply launched its 'Find Your Perfect Fit' campaign, which was met by an expected amount of backlash—ultimately helping the brand better connect with consumers who are aligned with its beliefs.

From Upscale Drink Rebranding to Colorful Hard Candy Jewelry: