The Three Twins 'Slim Twin' Ice Cream Has a Premium Recipe

A number of ice cream and food brands are focusing on eliminating certain ingredients from product recipes, but the Three Twins 'Slim Twin' Ice Cream looks to simply focus on crafting the best recipe with the ideal ingredients. Positioned as a guilt-free ice cream, the frozen dessert is low in fat and free from ingredients including salt, artificial flavors, artificial preservatives, stevia, glycerin and artificial colors. The brand utilizes ingredients like dark chocolate chips, green cardamom, sugar, eggs, cream and milk for a dessert that is tasty yet focused on a lower fat profile.

The Three Twins 'Slim Twin' Ice Cream comes in seven new flavors including 'Vanilla,' 'Lemon Cookie,' 'Coffee,' 'Chocolate,' 'Mint Chip,' 'Cookies & Cream' and 'Cardamom.'

Image Credit: Prepared Foods