- May 16, 2019
These frozen dessert innovations range from hybrid gelato burgers to gin-infused popsicles. Standouts in the healthy dessert category include Daiya's dairy-free dessert bars which come in four delicious flavors and a decadent vegan ice cream cookie range by Coolhaus. These options let foodies indulge without the guilt and meet dietary restrictions without skipping out on flavors.

Other health treats include Off the Grid's breakfast waffles which are infused with 12 grams of protein per serving and Mammoth Creameries' Keto Ice cream which features a low sugar count and diet-friendly recipe.

More notable frozen dessert innovations include Walmart's nostalgic and Gen Z-friendly Bubble Gum Ice Cream which is flavored with real gum pieces and Trader Joe's Mini Mochi -- featuring a Thai tea inspiration and a compact size for on-the-go enjoyment.

From Frozen Gelato Burgers to Gin-Infused Popsicles: