The New Klondike Minis are Half the Size of the Original Bars

 - Apr 3, 2019
References: klondikebar & delish
If you love the taste of Klondike bars, but you're looking to cut back a bit on the sweets, the brand's new Klondike Minis are the perfect solution. At half the size of the original bars, you can enjoy "a quick bite that's just right."

The new Klondike Minis are pint-sized ice cream bars covered in chocolate. Each bar consists of a crunchy chocolate shell on the outside and a creamy ice cream center on the inside. The new bars feature the exact same combination, but clock in at just 120 calories per serving. Best of all, you can choose between Double Chocolate, Mint Chocolate, Original (vanilla), and Reese's flavors.

With 12 mini bars in each box, there's enough Klondike Minis for sharing (or for saving).

Image Credits: Klondike.