- Mar 23, 2019
These March 2019 branding examples showcase how companies approach the aesthetic of their identity. Staying on the cutting-edge of one's industry entails high-quality products, an incessant need to disrupt and innovate, as well as a design-forward consumer-facing presence.

A lot of brands are focusing on a vibrant, elegant and playful vibe that is geared toward attracting a younger crowd. An instance of this is Fizz's ultra-colorful presence. The company is in the telecommunication sector — one that is not particularly popular among younger demographics. However, Fizz's whimsical identity is sure to capture attention.

Other examples of March 2019 branding rely on humor to get the message accross which is a tactic that usually has high engagement rates — from Burrow's incredibly relatable, millennial-centric sofa campaign to McDonald's playful social media stab at Balenciaga's square-toe leather mule.

From Japanese Flavor-Inspired Gins to Full-Spectrum Hemp Oils: