Surf Coconut Bliss Laundry Detergent Calls to Mind Warm Weather

 - Jan 30, 2019
References: unilever & conveniencestore
The Surf Coconut Bliss laundry detergent has been announced by Unilever as its latest laundry product that will call to mind warmer weather and sunny environments for consumers to appreciate. The detergent is being rolled out now at various retailers and will come in powder, liquid and capsule format options to make it applicable for all consumer preferences. The detergent is reported to have an aroma profile that is focused on vanilla, coconut and musk to help evoke happy memories of summer or perhaps a favorite vacation.

The Surf Coconut Bliss laundry detergent is also characterized by a bold branding design that aims to help it stand out more prominently on store shelves. The new product scent is driven by the increasing popularity of coconut-scented personal care products.