- Jun 12, 2019
Father's Day is around the corner and those looking for a last minute present are sure to enjoy these versatile Father's Day gift ideas. Consumers who are looking for a unique yet practical gift may be in for a challenge, but these innovative examples are sure to show dad how much you care.

One unique Father's day gift idea is a hair density-detecting shaver from Philips. The SP9860 Shaver uses smart technology to ensure an extremely close shave without any nicks. Another fun gift is the all-terrain robotic lawn mower by Ambrogio. The L400i B robotic lawn mower can work on areas as large as 10,000 m² and on slopes as steep as 45 angles.

Other examples to note include skincare products, outdoor entertaining essentials, fashion accessories and more, appealing to both at-home chefs and fashion fans.

From Beer-Carbonating Stones to Portable Mechanical Shavers: