'Pure Salmon' Aims to Lessen the Environmental Impact of Eating Fish

 - Jan 30, 2019
References: pure-salmon & foodbev
Overfishing is continuing to put increased pressure on our aquatic ecosystems which could be doing irreversible damage, so startup 'Pure Salmon' aims to change our fishing and farming capabilities for less environmental impact.

The company has come forward with a focus on sustainability and a locally sourced mindset to farm salmon in a way that doesn't affect the environment as badly as traditional fishing or fish farming. The salmon raised by the brand are reported to not only be a more sustainable option, but will also be free from pesticides, chemicals, mercury, antibiotics, pollutants and even microplastics.

'Pure Salmon' was explained by Chairman and Founder of 8F Asset Management, Stephane Farouze, who said, "We’re delighted to be launching what is the most exciting global development in land-based Atlantic salmon farming. Pure salmon is not only healthy and delicious, it is an excellent choice in a resource-strained world, where producing sustainable food without further damaging our oceans is paramount."