- Feb 18, 2019
The 2019 eco trends call attention to some fascinating innovations in the sectors of food production, architecture, design, and fashion.

Novameat, for instance, developed a 3D-printed vegan steak with plant-based proteins like rice, peas, and seaweed. The composition of the dish is said to support healthy diets through amino acids. Restaurants like CUB, on the other hand, create tasteful dairy-free desserts that make use of nuts and seeds as bases.

The 2019 eco trends also present some examples of material development that brings for a more eco-conscious production practice. Tjeerd Veenhoven makes chic rugs with palm leather, Rowan Mirkley and Robert Nicoll produce MDF alternatives with potato peels and architects are making use of open-source platform WikiHouse for an extra efficient and planet-friendly construction process.

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From Sustainable Palm Leather Rugs to Man-Made Ethical Meat: