EAT Embodies a Vision for Sustainable and Accessible Food

 - Nov 16, 2018
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EAT is a not-for-profit organization started by the Stordalen Foundation, the Stockholm Resilience Centre and the Wellcome Trust, with the idea to "catalyze a food system transformation." The multi-faceted, global initative is a science-based effort to disrupt existing, ineffective frameworks.

EAT adopted a 10-point plan in 2017 that the organization plans to complete by 2020. With regard to long-term goals, the collective is hoping to initative food system transformation efforts that will "shift the world to healthy, tasty and sustainable diets," "safeguard our land and oceans," "radically reduce food losses and waste" and more. EAT is continuously addressing these problems through interdisciplinary partnerships across all sectors, sound science and the like.

As concerns about the environment are rising and resource become scarce, nonprofit entities with a focus on sustainable practices and food system transformation are essential.