- Feb 28, 2019
Temporary activations are a great way for engaging with one's consumer base and food pop-ups are ideal for companies who want to debut a new product, culinary enthusiasts that want to initiate sustainable change or brands that simply want to facilitate an unforgettable, Instagram-worthy experience.

Hotpoint, for example, engages in eco-advocacy. The domestic appliance brand seeks to promote conscious consumption via a food waste-fighting cafe that operated on a pay-as-you-feel scheme, with proceeds going to charity.

Other food pop-ups prove to be quite useful while still being successful in getting the advertising message across. KFC, for example, launched an activation that promoted its Spicy Famous Bowls and offered consumers a haircut.

Finally, the food pop-ups that are social media-savvy are ones that embrace a museum-like aesthetic, with an engagingly immersive decor. An example of this would be the Egg House.

From Branded Bowl-Shaped Haircuts to Artistic Health Pop-Ups: