The Haagen-Daaz Sabo Pop-Up Fuses Ice Cream, Traditional Sweets and Tea

The Haagen-Daaz Sabo recently opened in Tokyo, offering consumers the chance to experience Haagen-Daaz's many desserts, but with a traditional Japanese twist.

The Haagen-Daaz Sabo, or "tea room," pairs different kinds of tea with various ice cream flavors inspired by classic confections. Some of the options served at the pop-up include strawberry soup, vanilla dorayaki (а red bean pancake), shiratama zenzai (a red bean soup with mochi) with green-tea-flavored ice cream.

At the pop-up, those with a sweet tooth have the chance to discover elevated takes on familiar recipes. The starring ice cream flavors of each dish may be purchased by the tub from the ice cream brand, offering a new way for consumers to discover favorite flavors and get inspired to create their own decadent desserts.