- May 26, 2018
When it comes to engaging both existing and prospective customers, the May 2018 interactive ideas show brands turning to unique pop-ups, apps and campaigns that emphasize mindfulness. Some of the top examples of this include Ketel One launching a plant-filled bar space in London and Sombra Mezcal choosing to host a virtual cocktail competition to showcase its commitment to sustainability.

While some brands are leveraging cutting-edge augmented reality technology and NFC chips to help consumers unlock exclusive experiences, others are turning to the aid of voice assistants for marketing. To promote the return of one of its TV series, Channel 4 launched a campaign that has people to interact with either Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa. Similarly, Virgin Trains now lets passengers place their ticket order via Alexa-enabled devices, which are also equipped to answer various questions about its transportation service.

From Artful Body Wash Galleries to Clean-Air Bars: