Tjeerd Veenhoven's Chic Handmade Rugs Boast a Cruelty-Free Material

 - Nov 16, 2018
References: tjeerdveenhoven & dezeen
Tjeerd Veenhoven is a Dutch designer who has been relentlessly experimenting with palm leather to provide a viable alternative to animal skin on the market. Although the leaves tend to be brittle, the creative treats them with glycerin and water to "make [them] nice and soft."

Tjeerd Veenhoven produces a series of rugs that are strikingly elegant and interesting in their minimalist appearance. While the material causes the floor covers to have a rustic style to a certain extent, the intricate texture will definitely cause consumers to do a double take.

For his palm leather rugs, Tjeerd Veenhoven lays strips of the fabric onto a woven base. The unique pattern of each piece is created from the inconsistencies and folds in the material itself. Each rug is handmade and one-of-a-kind.