- May 30, 2019
Leather alternatives have become a lucrative category within the umbrella of sustainable production. As consumer consciousness is growing, we will be seeing more brands launch vegan collections of goods. The potential here is immeasurable, as companies and designers are still experimenting. From Tjeerd Veenhoven's cruelty-free palm leather rugs to Womsh's chunky apple leather sneakers, the product range is truly enticing.

Other leather alternatives include surprising new materials like Oskar Metsavaht's Amazonian fish skin fabrics, as well as the luxury cork leather pet collars by Noggins & Binkles. Companies are also developing their own proprietary types of leather alternatives, with the aim to partner with others and facilitate a professional relationship. One such entity is Natural Fiber Welding who is in the process of developing a biodegradable material that is made out of agricultural waste.

From Amazonian Fish Skin Fabrics to Cost-Effective Biodegradable Leather: