- Jan 13, 2019
These 2018 life trends range from chic cannabis legalization ads to succulent subscription boxes. A standout, Tokyo Smoke & Common Good's cannabis campaign was launched on October 17th -- the date of legalization in Canada -- and featured a cast of local fashion, media and music influencers.

Additional standouts include Freda, an AI-powered menstrual subscription platform that uses technology to personalize deliveries to consumers. Removing the stigma surrounding feminine care, Freda boasts chic packaging and an overall brand identity that is Instagram and Millennial-friendly.

The 'Desert Box' and 'Waste is Delicious' round off this list of 2018 life trends. While Desert Box is a unique subscription that delivers succulents and cacti to consumers' doors every month Waste is Delicious offers sustainable products all made from food waste -- from handcrafted soups to artisan soaps.

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From Chic Cannabis Legalization Ads to Succulent Subscription Boxes: