TOPOS DESIGN CLANS Produces an Engaging & Whimsical Environment

 - Aug 2, 2018
References: topos-design
This 80-square-meter artful apartment in Shanghai is aesthetically curated by studio TOPOS DESIGN CLANS. The space boasts incredible creativity and the stylistic elements evoke the feeling of a multi-media exhibition. The color coordination is impeccable as the artful apartment is visually divided by texture and nuance.

Dubbed as a "realistic utopia," TOPOS DESIGN CLANS' arrangement is geared to motivate and satisfy the preferences and living habits of a husband, his wife and their two dogs. Since the male client is a painter, the artful apartment will serve a dual function — a home and a studio.

This eclectic and expressive approach to interior design is conducted under a project called ARTLAND IN SHANGHAI. The idea originated through a Chinese TV Show about renovation — 'Change Your Life.' 2

Photo Credits: CreatAR Images (AI Qing, WU Jianquan)