- Jan 13, 2019
The top 2018 media trends reveal plenty of experimentation and crossovers between formats, as well as blurred lines between traditional and digital media. Over the past year, there have been countless clothing collections inspired by media, including everything from 'Wikipedia Collection' apparel to capsules to accompany new magazine releases. Consumers can now experience aspects of the online media world through various exhibitions, short film festivals and tangible magazines.

In the year to come, consumers can expect to see more virtual reality Hollywood films, TV advertisements powered by artificial intelligence, computer-created 3D virtual influencers, as well as creative new projects from brands like record labels and other experimental media ventures. As seen in 2018, some of the themes that will be carried forward include explorations of authenticity, empowerment, truth and the fight against "fake news."

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From Wage Gap Magazines to Fake News Video Games: