Noiseblend is a Personalized Playlist Generator

 - Jun 5, 2018
References: noiseblend & producthunt
One of the reasons why Spotify is ahead in the streaming music battle is the platform's much-lauded 'Discover Weekly' playlists, and 'Noiseblend' is a new app that helps users to apply that algorithmic music-finding system to a broader array of topics. The app generates various genre- and mood-specific playlists that are personally tailored to the tastes of each user, unlocking the potential of a giant music platform like Spotify.

Many people love finding new music through Discover Weekly, but those playlists are also limited to Monday releases. With Noiseblend, users don't need to wait a week every time they want a new playlist built specifically for them. The platform uses Spotify's powerful API to find the music that each user is most likely to appreciate.