'The Humanity Bureau' Will Be Releasing in Virtual Reality First

 - Jan 18, 2018
References: vrroom.buzz & avclub
Up until now, VR has been used primarily in video games, but the film 'The Humanity Bureau' is looking to change that by releasing in VR first. The film will be coming to theaters and video on demand in April of 2018, but a version of the film will be released a month earlier on unspecified VR platforms. The VR version of the film will not be exactly the same as the original film, and will instead be titled 'The Humanity Bureau VRevolution.' This version of the film is based on the main film and will tell the stories that take place in the alternative story line that co-exist with the feature film. The Humanity Bureau VRevolution will be released in parts and can be viewed as a whole or in an episodic format.

No large Hollywood-made film has used VR technology in the past, though the innovation has been hinted at before. The VR space in video gaming has yet to find its killer app and perhaps the medium currently used is the wrong avenue. Film may lend itself better to the VR experience, and based on the feedback from The Humanity Bureau VRevolution, there may be more films releasing on VR platforms in the near future.