- Feb 25, 2018
These February 2018 interactive trends range from branded breakfast emojis to fast food dining events. While Thomas' Bagels decision to use emojis in its latest campaign speaks to the brand's desire to reach a younger, Millennial audience, experiential marketing examples like Leon's speed dating event illustrate a unique Valentine's Day promotion that targets the restaurant's single patrons.

Other innovations to note include Tiffany & Co.'s digital tattoo shop tool which is an interactive platform that lets consumers customize the company's famous blue boxes with DIY artwork. While synonymous with heritage and tradition, the luxury-minded brand opts for an unexpected marketing approach by offering personalized packaging that is designed by the consumer themselves.

VR sampling events and scent-connected text messages round off this list of February 2018 interactive trends and speak to consumers growing desire for immersive and digitally connected marketing tools.

From Breakfast-Themed Emojis to Fast Food Dating Events: