Lyft is Partnering with nuTonomy to Give Free Rides at CES

 - Jan 5, 2018
References: engadget & engadget
Thanks to popular ride sharing app Lyft, attendees at CES 2018 will be provided free rides for customers, with the caveat that all the rides will be in self-driving cars. Thanks to a partnership with autonomous car company nuTonomy, Lyft will now be able to enroll self-driving vehicles into their fleet. This partnership makes the first of its kind and both companies are hoping the partnership will lead to informing data on passenger safety, comfort, and the way the software interacts with the rider. Lyft and nuTonomy have extensively tested their software at the Raymond L. Flynn marine park in the Boston area to ensure the rides at CES are safe.

Attendees will not be able to use the self-driving car to travel anywhere in Vegas, but will be able to experience the autonomous driving experience through 20 pre-defined point to point routes. The automotive company Aptiv will be providing the vehicles while Lyft will handle the dispatching of said vehicles. Aptiv hopes this experience will show the ability of their technology in dealing with complicated driving environments.