- Feb 24, 2018
As the Beatles famously sang, "Baby, you can drive my car", but if the Fab Four wrote that song after having taking a peek at the February 2018 autos trends, they might very well have ended up singing "AI, you can drive my car." Automakers and technology companies are continuing the push for autonomous vehicles, but who's to say whether consumers will love them.

With the North American International Auto Show having concluded in January, automotive companies having had the chance to display some of their most advanced vehicle concepts, and those come through in the February 2018 autos trends. Much of the hubbub was toward the autonomous driving mentioned above, but companies have also been applying tech to the inside of consumer vehicles. This includes facial recognition in the drivers' seat for automatic ignition and voice assistant car accessories.

From Autonomous Delivery Cars to Hovering Police Cruisers: