The 3D Touch Surface Display Has Bumps & Grooves for Comfortable Use

Continental, a German company specializing in high-tech automotive solutions, is making a splash at CES 2018 with the introduction of the Continental 3D Touch Surface Display, an innovative display solution that is designed to marry futuristic graphics with an easy-to-navigate interface and satisfying tactile feel.

One of the long-running issues with touchscreen systems is that the surface doesn't feel tactile and interactive in the way that old-school dials and buttons do. This is where the Continental 3D Touch Surface Display comes in. The system's display features an array of tactile features such as grooves, bumps and borders that make for an engaging tactile experience. The display even responds to pinching, dragging and turning motions.

By bringing together the gorgeous and futuristic graphics and combining them with the unbeatable tactile feel of old-school displays, this display solution offers the best of both worlds to highly discerning car owners.