From Stealthy Ambient Mode TVs to Autonomous Digital Guitars

 - Feb 3, 2019
These 2018 multimedia trends range from stealthy ambient mode TVs to autonomous digital guitars. When it comes to television gadgets and features, standouts include the Oculus TV VR Service and Samsung QLED televisions' Ambient Mode. While the Oculus TV VR platform helps users immerse themselves into their favorite television shows and movies, Samsung QLED televisions' Ambient Mode elevates the viewing experience with vivid graphics and a picture mode that can be customized to appear almost transparent.

Kinetic Magic's interactive VR experiences and FLY LDN's cinematic yoga classes round off this list of 2018 multimedia trends and speak to consumers' growing desire for elevated and sensory public experiences. While Kinetic Magic teams up with brands to create activations with its "mirror-like projection screen that responds to users' movements in real time," FLY LDN is taking yoga classes to new heights with vivid projection screens and a cinema-like atmosphere that aims to enhance presence and mindfulness.

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