North's High-Tech Glasses Design Fits in a Simple, Stylish Frame

 - Oct 5, 2018
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Although there are some tech companies that have been set on developing the perfect pair of smart glasses for years, few have succeeded in creating a design to win over a large majority of consumers—even Google abandoned its attempt to sell consumers on Glass, due to issues around the eye-level camera, display and privacy concerns.

North is now teasing that "your smartest pair of glasses is coming" with its own pair of smart glasses that are nearly identical to a pair of basic eyewear frames. While the aesthetics of these smart glasses will appeal to people for their inconspicuous design, the next-gen smart glasses also conceal a ton of technology in their simple frames.

According to North, "There’s a different future. One where we look up and focus on the things that matter. One where technology is there when you need it and gone when you don’t, hidden by design."