- Dec 15, 2018
VR and AR technology is starting to become more commonplace in regular homes, and this list of VR and AR gift ideas showcases some of the newest advances in the technology for the consumer market.

Offering VR gamers the chance to freely walk around a virtual space, 'Cybershoes' simply strap onto players feet and offer them the ability to move their feet to traverse areas in the game. Users will need to remain somewhat seated while wearing the 'Cybershoes' but the motions of walking should still feel the same as when fully upright. To capture movement in-game, the 'Cybershoes' translate smaller movements into larger ones, ensuring gamers can still use the VR movement tools in smaller spaces.

Also featured on this list is a VR horror game that also utilizes a microphone. Known as 'Stifled', this horror title is meant to be a fully immersive experience that combines elements of the real-world into the digital space. The microphone is key to this horror title, as it draws in real-world sound and uses it as a gameplay function in the game. The use of VR further bolsters this aspect of realism as players observe the horrors in incredible detail.

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