Stifled Forces Players to Use Their Voice to Hide from a Monster

 - Jul 13, 2018
References: store.steampowered & indiegames
Stifled is a unique horror game that plays off the unsettling nature of darkness and requires players to use their voice to navigate its microphone-based horror atmosphere. Functioning as a form of echolocation, Stifled requires players to use their microphone to make the world visible around them. While this form of traversal is key to survival, it also draws attention to the various creatures hiding in the background of the horror environment.

The echolocation aspect of Stifled will allow players the ability to see rough outlines of the world around them, but other noises from the game will also help guide the way. The game is currently available on PC and can be played on a screen or through VR. The VR experience is entirely optional but does add a unique and terrifying experience to this microphone-based horror game.