The Conceptual 'Holo Cap' Packs Advanced Technology into a Comfy Hat

 - Sep 24, 2018
References: yankodesign
Existing AR and VR headsets on the market have a design that is suitable for adult usage but not quite right for younger users to wear, so the conceptual 'Holo Cap' has been developed as a solution for young ones to comfortably use.

Designed as a hat rather than a traditional headset, the unit can be comfortably worn by younger users thanks to its compact frame that will suit the needs of those with smaller heads. This allows younger users to enjoy the advanced functionality that comes with augmented reality technology without having to experience fatigue that's brought on by preexisting options on the market.

The conceptual 'Holo Cap' headset has been developed by Hwang Daye and Yeseul Han to make the technology more applicable for younger users to get them comfortable using as early as possible.