- Dec 9, 2018
These gift ideas for kids are bound to bring a smile to their faces, as it boasts products that are playful, educational, and functional. This varies across the board with the inclusion of toys, clothing, footwear, and more.

An example worth highlighting is the 'Morfboard' by Jakks Pacific which is a multifunctional toy in the form of a board that comes with attachable elements to transform its use. It can be a skateboard, a scooter, a balance board, or a bouncy toy. Notably, the detachable components are secure with the label's own patented 'Lock and Release' technology to ensure safety elements.

Another great gift idea this festive season is the GOOD FOR KIDS doll that promotes healthy eating. The doll has magnetic properties at the mouth and hands to attach to healthy food choices such as broccoli, blueberries, and apples, whilst not holding onto unhealthy food options. The doll comes with the aforementioned food toys and a picture book with playful drawings and rhymes.

From Four-in-One Sports Boards to Healthy Eating Doll Toys: