This Water Balloon Kit Teaches How to Make Spherified Water

 - Jun 21, 2018
References: kickstarter
As fun as playing with water balloons in the summer can be, they can also be difficult to fill up and not to mention wasteful as single-use items that are challenging to clean once popped—this inventive water balloon kit offers a solution to all of the above.

The handy kit details how plastic-free water balloons that resemble giant water droplets can be made. While the outer portion of the droplet is smooth, it still pops when it is thrown, dropped or eaten.

The kit requires just a few kitchen staples for the making of spherified water—around the world, the technique of spherification is used for the making of everything from fruit juice bubbles to mock caviar and non-plastic water bottles. The two chemicals that are most important to the spherification process are Calcium Lactate, a main ingredient in pickle juice, and Sodium Alginate from brown seaweed.