- Jan 13, 2019
These 2018 DIY trends range from creative gamer workshops to female-empowering coloring books. A notable example. the Nintendo Labo Workshop, helps gamers unleash their creativity with the help of the brand's accompanying Nintendo Labo range of DIY electronic kits. Additionally, Katie Guinn's 'Stoner Babe World' coloring book consists of dreamy illustrations with a female-centric message. The coloring book also spotlights gender nonconforming subjects, making it an inclusive gift for fans of both cannabis and art.

Flow Hive 2, a residential beehive system, Growing Greetings' edible card range and GlassesUSA.com's 3D-printed frames are other standouts that are reflective of consumers' growing appreciation of maker culture. While some Millennial-friendly innovations include AlwaysFits' Sparkling Rosé wine-making kit, Gen Z consumers are sure to love home decor retailer OMY's customizable party decor range. The retailer's color-in cups can be personalized by users and boast cartoon-like graphics, designed in France.

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From Creative Gamer Workshops to Female-Empowering Coloring Books: